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Lab Rats
Lab Rats Logo
Format Teen sitcom
Created by Chris Peterson
Bryan Moore
Starring Tyrel Jackson Williams

Billy Unger
Kelli Berglund
Spencer Boldman
Hal Sparks

Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 27 (List of episodes)
Chris Peterson
Bryan Moore
Mark Brazill
Camera setup Multi-camera
It's a Laugh Productions
Disney XD Original Productions
Original channel Disney XD
Original run February 27, 2012 – February 3, 2016
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Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American television sitcom that premiered on February 27, 2012 on Disney XD, It focuses on the life of teenager Leo Dooley, whose mother, Tasha, marries billionaire genius Donald Davenport. He meets Adam, Bree, and Chase (Davenport's latest projects), with whom he develops an immediate friendship.

The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore. On January 15, 2011, Billy Unger, who plays Chase, stated that the series was originally called Billion Dollar Freshman. However, the pilot was re-shot, with the changing of the name to Lab Rats, and the addition of Bree who is the only girl of the group and Adam who is the oldest of the three.

On May 18, 2012, Lab Rats was renewed for a second season. On July 26, 2013, Disney XD renewed Lab Rats for a third season. In May 2014, Disney XD renewed Lab Rats for a fourth season, which makes it the second original series of Disney XD to go past three seasons, after Kickin' It. The fourth season premiered on March 18, 2015. On July 1, 2015, Kelli Berglund, who plays Bree, stated that the fourth season would be its last.

Plot Edit

Young teenager Leo Dooley's mother, Tasha, gets remarried to billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, & they move in with him. While trying to find his bedroom, Leo accidentally discovers teenage siblings with bionic powers living in his new basement. Leo secretly takes them to school for the first time and the show follows the bionic teens as they unravel in adventurous situations in an attempt to live life like a normal family in the fictional town of Mission Creek, California. As the show progresses in Seasons 2, 3, and 4, it gets darker with the introduction of Davenport's younger brother Douglas (turned good in Season 3), Douglas' android son Marcus, Victor Krane, S-1, Sebastian (formerly known as S-3) and Krane's bionic soldiers.

By Season 4, Davenport opens a bionic academy on a bionic island to train Krane's bionic soldiers to be the world's new heroes.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Angel Parker as Tasha Davenport
  • Will Forte as Eddy
  • Maile Flanagan as Terry Perry
  • Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport
  • Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob
  • Michaela Carrozzo as Caitlin
  • Madison Pettis as Janelle
  • Ashley Argota as Taylor/S-1

Minor Recurring Characters Edit

  • Eddie Perino as Trent
  • Ben Stillwell as Owen
  • Dustin Ingram as Scott
  • Ben Bode as Special Agent Graham
  • John Eric Bentley as President Craig
  • Garrett Backstrom as Ethan
  • Telma Hopkins as Rose Dooley
  • Oana Gregory as Stephanie
  • Grace Kaufman as Kerry Perry
  • Max Charles as Spin

Villains Edit

  • Mateus Ward as Marcus Davenport
  • Graham Shiels as Victor Krane
  • Cole Ewing as Sebastian Krane
  • Joel Michael Kramer as Tank Krane
  • Marissa Cuevas as Lexi Krane
  • Jessalyn Wanlim as Giselle Vickers
  • Leo Howard as Troy West

Reception Edit

In 2012 the show became the most watched show on Disney XD.

International broadcastsEdit

Country/Region Channel Preview Series Premiere
Disney XD Canada NONE February 24, 2012
United States Disney Channel March 2, 2012 (On Disney XD)
Disney XD (On Disney Channel) February 27, 2012
United Kingdom


Disney XD UK & Ireland March 29, 2012 April 19, 2012
Turkey Disney XD Turkey NONE May 27, 2012
Denmark Disney XD Scandinavia April 29, 2012 TBA
Finland TBA
Norway TBA
Sweden TBA
Italy Disney XD Italy May 6, 2012 May 28, 2012
Spain Disney XD Spain May 1, 2012 June 2, 2012
Poland Disney XD Poland May 26, 2012 June 16, 2012
Portugal Disney Channel Portugal May 25, 2012
Netherlands Disney XD (Netherlands) June 13, 2012 August 26, 2012

Chile  Colombia  Mexico  Venezuela  Peru

Disney XD Latin America July 30, 2012

(On Disney Channel)

August 5, 2012
Brazil Disney XD Brazil
Russia Disney Channel Russia January 5, 2013 February 23, 2013

New Zealand

Disney Channel (Australia) December 31, 2012 January 10, 2013
Malaysia Disney XD Malaysia NONE March 11, 2013
Singapore Disney Channel Singpore August 5, 2012 TBA
South Africa Disney XD South Africa June 10, 2012 TBA
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