Coop Burtonburger is a 10-year-old boy in Bootsville. He has a younger sister named Millie and a father named Burt. He likes to camp out, video games, and sports, espically soccer. His best friend is Dennis and he attends school with him. Ever since Mr. Kat moved in, Coop finds it hard to study and even earned a "K" at gym class. Coop has short brown hair and blue eyes, his favorite outfit is a red orange-striped shirt with blue pants.In "How The Test Was Won" it is shown that Coop has a closet full of his favorite outfit. Coop, along with Dennis, know that Kat is an evil ailen. Coop once called Kat a "fuzzless freak". Coop's hero is Captain Blastroid. Odd, because Coop and Capt. Blastroid have the same initials (C.B.).

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