Below are the terms & policies for the Disney XD Wiki. Please read them carefully before editing and moderating on the wiki. If caught violating any of the rules, a warning will be given to you by an Administrator.

General Rules

  1. Profanity is strictly prohibited - On our wiki, we do not allow ANY use of profanity or inappropriate language. Young children come to this Wikia because it is an all-you-can-get information source on Disney XD.
  2. Stay on topic - Please stay on topic, this keeps our Wikia organized. Do not talk about how the unnoticable cat was in the background.
  3. Do not write any spoilers before a 7 day period - Writing spoilers can make people really mad. Some people haven't seen the episode and they want to be involved in the wiki. But, after 7 days, there are no excuses and one is allowed to write a spoiler.
  4. No plagerizm - Users work hard on content and copying it will be wrong.
  5. Make users feel comfortable - Our wiki is supposed to be a welcome and safe place for everyone. But if you're offending, scaring, or putting down other users, it's probably not going feel safe or welcome.
    1. Do not use disturbing content, such as religions, disturbing stories, etc. on the wiki - Talking about disturbing topics can make users feel uncomfortable, or not welcome.
    2. Do not spam pages, comments, forums, message walls, etc. - Spamming pages, comments, forums, message walls, etc. can fill them up, and it can be hard to revert your contributions for spamming. Depending on how bad it is, you may be instantly blocked.
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