Let The Games Begin!Edit

Trouble starts when an alien cat, and a 10 year old boy become rivals for life! thumb|300px|right

Dial B For BabysitterEdit

When old lady Mudson has to babysit, a war between a grumby old lady, a trouble making boy, and an alien kitty begins! thumb|300px|right

Just Me and GlueEdit

When kat and coop get glued together, they will have to trust each other to stay alive! thumb|300px|right

The Grass Is Always MeanerEdit

Kat will do anything to stop coop and dennis from geting a hit new toy! thumb|300px|right

You'll Be Show SorryEdit

coop wants kat to win a pet show so he will move out of the house, but kat has plans of his own! thumb|300px|right

How The Test Was WonEdit

coop has one last change to get good grades, but kat won't allow it! thumb|300px|right

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