Korneilius Jonesworth




14-15 (Season 1),

15-16 (Season 2),

16-17 (Season 3)





Watch Out!
-Kojo's catchphrase
 Kornelious Jonesworth is the main antagonist of the series who's kind of a friend to Zeke and Luther but also a rival for the reputation of best skater in town. In the beginning of the series he disliked Zeke and Luther equally and referred to them as losers but later on they worked it out. He is full of himself to the point of him having his own calender. He is sponsored by "Dastardly Skate". Kojo also calls his girlfriends "female ladies". It is revealed in the episode "Luck be a Rodent" his mother's name is Nancy. He also thinks he is a better skater than both Zeke and Luther. When something goes well for him he will usually say "Watch out!", and then attempts to slap his buttocks. Kojo had a crush on Zeke's cousin Mia. However, since Mia only stayed in Gilroy for a few days, he dated an extremely tall (yet pleasant and helpful) blonde model in the episode "Daredevils!". As revealed in the episode "Crash and Learn", Kojo is a big fan of turkey jerky.