Burt Burtonburger is the father of Coop and Millie. It would appear that Burt has lived his whole life in the same house, which he may have inherited from his parents at some point later. He used to have a airplane called the "Burtonburger Special". But it accidently flew into Mrs. Munson's yard and when something gets into Old Lady Munson's yard, it stays in her yard. It is unknown what happened to Burt's wife. He owns and manages the "House of Swap". His hair-style looks a lot like Coop's only smaller and darker, he also wears eyeglasses, he wears a polo like shirt with a white stripe between it, he always wears brown pants and black shoes. Burt comes across as a cheerful and optimistic man, with a positive outlook on life. Even though he is son of his rival Henry, he's always friendly to Dennis, even letting him inside their house as a sign of hospitality.

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