Mr. Kat (or known as Kat by Coop and Dennis) is a kat like alien from a distant planet called "Catnip". He was sent down to earth for food of his speices and/or taking over earth. Kat's physical appearance can be likened to that of a somewhat small Sphynx cat. His powers are steel claws, heat ray, heat emanation, heat vision, intelligence, acid spit, claw blades, steel fangs, pulse manipulation, exentable tail, mold, x-ray vison, super strength, defy gravity, invulnerability, and super speed. He is the main antgonist of the show. At first when Millie asked her father if they could adopt a strange looking animal (supposedly a cat), Burt turned her down, stating that whatever "He, She or it" was, it had a collar on and therefore probably had an owner. He was forced to compromise though, when his daughter threw a tantrum, deciding that she could keep Kat if and only if they couldn't find it's owner.Kat is also shown to put on weight very quickly whenever he consumes food with fattening properties. Cat food, however, including his favorite treat, "Fishy Frisky Bits" seem to have no weight effect at all. Just like the cats on earth, he hate baths. Kat extremely hates Coop and Dennis.

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